Hacking has evolved from teenage mischief into a billion-dollar growth business.

After the cyber attacks of 2017 with WannaCry companies and individuals are still being attacked by cyber criminals as they have found more ways to demand money with the offer to get you data returned.

In Early 2018 the city of Baltimore was attacked by ransomware, just as the repairs where under way a second attack took out all the systems from telephones computers. In May 2019 the council asked the government to step in with funds claiming a national disaster.

For criminal minded hackers, business is booming. Case in point, attacks on businesses went up 55 percent in the second half of 2018 with Trojans and ransomware proving to be the most popular types of attacks. Specifically, Trojan attacks on businesses rose 84 percent while ransomware attacks went up 88 percent.

The two biggest Trojan threats to businesses right now are Emotet and TrickBot, while the majority of ransomware cases as of late have been the result of GandCrab. Emotet, Trickbot, and GandCrab. These malicious spam emails, disguised as familiar brands, trick your end users into clicking malicious download links or opening an attachment loaded with malware. In an interesting twist, Emotet has evolved from being a banking Trojan in its own right into a tool for delivering other malware, including other banking Trojans like Trickbot.

So what happens when cybercriminals are able to hack into your network?

Emotet, for instance, hobbled critical systems in the City of Allentown, PA, requiring help from Microsoft’s incident response team to clean up. All told, the city racked up remediation costs to the tune of $1 million.

GandCrab is just as awful. It’s been estimated the ransomware with the gross sounding name has already netted its authors somewhere around $300 million in paid ransoms, with individual ransoms set from $600 to $700,000.

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