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A robust hardware investment is crucial for any business, but it can represent a substantial cost layout. It’s not uncommon for an average SME to spend around £5,000 on server equipment and licenses alone – before workstations even come into the picture!

At ZTech, we design cost-effective IT solutions featuring secure data storage and effective connectivity starting from as little as £2.60 per month. Whatever your networking and IT infrastructure requirements, our team can plan and implement a cross-platform solutions to comfortably meet your requirements while reducing spend.

By creating a custom solution, we can deliver all required services while keeping within budget:

  • Smooth transition of service
  • Maintenance of your workstations and servers
  • 24/7 monitoring of your critical systems
  • Protection from cyber attack
  • Complete system installations
  • Remote support of operating systems and applications
  • Advice and procurement of equipment and software
  • Project management to deploy new systems
  • Exchange email and smartphone integration
  • Sage accounts and payroll installations and support
  • Installation of firewalls and monitoring systems
  • Business Support

Cloud Storage – Eliminate Expensive Servers

Taking advantage of cloud technology allows you to avoid the major expense of on-site server infrastructure. ZTech are experts in the provision of secure, stable cloud-based servers that offer the same level of functionality and security – so your company can maintain a healthy cash flow with fewer outgoings while also increasing productivity.

Using cloud-based storage and applications also gives you an automatic backup of all your data, meaning you can rest assured that your files are safe. You can even clear out any old physical storage units, which opens up floor space allowing you to explore additional revenue streams. One of our clients was able to remove 21 filing cabinets from their workspace!

ZTech can also outfit your company with a powerful file management and retrieval system. By taking advantage of this powerful digital storage solution, your business can make enormous savings in time, spend, and physical storage space. Using this system can also give your business the option to go entirely paperless – saving space, helping the environment, and of course, reducing cost.

Mobilise Your Revenue Streams with Remote Working

Introducing a remote work system into your company’s workflow can have enormous benefits. By leveraging cloud-based data storage and applications, your staff can work from any location – making them more available to customers and allowing them to complete tasks at any time. You could even look into moving certain services off-site for good, freeing up space for new ventures and allowing your business to prosper. With the cost savings on infrastructure and the extra hours of business it can create, moving to the cloud may be the best decision you’ll ever make!

Great Value Remote Support – Keeping You Operational

To bolster our cost-effective IT solutions, ZTech provide a number of support packages to help your system continue to run smoothly. Our remote support facilities enable us to tackle almost any problem from a distance, typically within minutes, which eliminates the need for on-site visits and greatly reduces your downtime. We also offer out-of-hours support to ensure your systems are up and running as soon as you return to work.

Cost-Effective Software Solutions

To help our customers operate as efficiently as possible, we carry out a full assessment of their software requirements and source the perfect software solution that will both comfortably meet their needs and satisfy their budget requirements. We offer support for all popular operating systems and software suites including Microsoft, Google, Apple and Adobe, adding value to our services and making us a complete software partner.

In several instances, we have identified alternative solutions that eliminated the need for complete software packages. For instance, one of our clients was looking for a way to use their Sage accounting package more effectively – rather than sourcing a whole new package, we were able to apply an extension that solved the problem at a fraction of the cost.

At ZTech, we’re all about improving efficiency and reducing cost – why not see what we could do for you?

Futureproof Your Hardware

As an experienced IT hardware supplier, ZTech are able to effectively source all manner of infrastructure – so whether you require servers, workstations, PCs, or any other aspect of networking hardware, we’re in the perfect position to provide a powerful solution at a price to suit any budget..

We work with some of the industry’s leading manufacturers including HP, Dell, Cisco, Apple, and D-link, so you can rest assured your equipment will be reliable and robust. To allow you to make further cost savings, we also offer trade prices on most IT hardware! By upgrading your existing hardware, we can provide a dramatic improvement in performance for your business and help to substantially reduce costs.

Save on Comms With VoIP Telephony

By switching your telephony to a software-based, open standard telecommunications management solution, you can substantially reduce your telecoms spend. Many of our clients have reduced their telephony outgoings by up to 80% while enjoying new capabilities, including the facility to leverage SIP trunks and VoIP provision.

With Android and iOS clients to suit any device along with powerful WebRTC video conferencing, your business can embrace mobile working, reduce the number of fixed telephony lines, and become truly agile – enabling further savings and extra revenue generation.

ZTech can help you get set up with a powerful IP PBX and make the most of VoIP telephony to make game-changing cost savings.

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