We at ZTech are dedicated to helping you get the very best out of your IT setup. Whether installed by us or another supplier, you can count on our support teams to keep your systems operating at peak efficiency – so you can concentrate on your work!

With our cloud-based monitoring system, we can keep track of your system performance and keep everything ticking along smoothly. We monitor virus intrusion, software installation, hard drives filling up PC/Servers that are running flat out then we can fix before it becomes a problem.

We can perform much of your required maintenance remotely (out of hours) – tasks such as updates, disk monitoring, and system reboots can be carried out without the need for your staff to be present.

As standard, we’ll also arrange management meetings between us and yourselves in order to review your requirements and the objectives of our work with you. It’s our intention to cover your every IT requirement, so we’ll keep you in the loop with the latest relevant software updates and legislation, giving you a consistent service and peace of mind.

Our payment structures are simple, with an initial support fees starts from £100 per server, £15 per workstation, and £20 per additional laptop. For more information, get in touch with ZTech today – we’d be delighted to hear from you.

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