The primary goal of any IT installation is to ensure that your staff can get on with their work as easily as possible.

Software tools and file management systems should be accessible and effective; connections should be speedy and stable; workstations should have hardware suitable for its intended purpose – all ensuring that each employee has the means to easily fulfil their role in the company.

That’s why the ZTech team have designed a comprehensive assessment system to ascertain exactly what your business needs. We’ll take stock of your company’s size, nature, methods, and SLAs, before examining your current IT setup to assess how we can improve upon it.

To perform your free audit, we’ll run a diagnostic program on one of your machines. This intelligent software will access your entire network and analyse its size and capacity, assess the capabilities of your server hardware, and examine your workstations, operating systems, and software – and produce a comprehensive report within 24 hours.

IT Hardware and Infrastructure

Despite the importance of maintaining a current IT system, a surprising number of companies find themselves operating with terribly outdated hardware. The expense of upgrading to modern computers and servers can be a deterrent, but its importance has become evident recently with high-profile cases such as the NHS’ network-wide failure, which was due mostly to its reliance on aged machines running the obsolete Windows XP operating system.

ZTech will assess your current servers and workstations, checking for any security flaws and ensuring your machines have the computing power to effectively handle your workload. We are accredited suppliers of hardware from best-of-breed manufacturers including HP, Dell, Cisco, Apple, and D-Link – enabling us to design a truly bespoke, cost-effective solution to bring your company up to speed and keep you current for years to come.

We can also offer excellent trade prices on most IT hardware to help keep your spend down.

Effective IT Software Systems

A robust software suite can also have an enormous positive impact on your business. Taking advantage of a unified software package such as Office 365, Adobe Creative Cloud, or Google Docs can give you a much more efficient workflow – but it’s far from the only positive change you can make. Simply installing the right add-on or moving to a more up-to-date version of your current setup can have a huge effect – and ZTech will identify the best path to achieving the optimum solution for your business.

ZTech will also look into the feasibility of implementing a cloud-based storage system. Small to medium enterprises can enjoy amazing increases in their mobility and workflow thanks to the ease of access and flexibility afforded by online solutions – we’ll assess whether this would be suitable for your business.

Futureproof File Management

We’ll also take stock of your current file management system and look into ways it can be improved. A fully customisable, intuitive online resource to enable straightforward file storage and retrieval system can give you the power and functionality to allow your business to go completely paperless.

Our file solution of choice is flexible enough to be installed on any on-site server for company-wide access, or it can be provided as a cloud service to allow access from any internet-enabled device – or a hybrid of both! Documents will even be updated in real time to ensure everyone has access to the current versions – helping you avoid incompatibility issues and mix-ups.

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