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IT Solutions for Accountants

If you are an Accountant looking for IT solutions advice & support then you will know that getting it right is fundamental to the smooth running of your practice.

Our bespoke IT solutions are individually designed to meet the needs of your Accountancy firm and to help meet the ever-changing requirements of your clients.

At ZTech we offer cross platform support for your PC, MAC Android or tablet. We are expertly qualified to meet your specialist needs with in-depth knowledge of a wide array of accounting systems purpose built for accountants including:

Crucially, we ensure that there is minimum disruption to your business, and every system critical to your customer satisfaction and profitability is kept performing at its optimum level. Our outside business hours maintenance service means that any issues that need to be rectified will not affect your business continuity.

Our Cloud solutions ensure that we can make your unique daily working practices as simple and as compliant as possible. We can ensure that you meet every obligation for safe and secure document handling, the cost effectiveness of a paperless document management system, remote access to your client files, as well as to a simple Year-end submission system. All of our bespoke services aim to help your business grow and save you time and money.

ZTech are committed to the success of your business and realise that meeting your requirements with expert knowledge and outstanding customer service, is crucial to our partnership with you. We can provide all of your required services, meeting every need and your budget with the expert and rapid response from our professional and knowledgeable team who can offer specialist solutions for accountants such as:

  • Maintenance of your workstations and servers
  • 24/7 monitoring of your critical systems
  • Keep your systems clear from viruses & hackers
  • Complete system Installations
  • Remote support of operating systems & applications
  • Hardware & software advice & procurement
  • Project management to deploy new systems
  • Exchange e-mail and smart phone integration
  • Installation of firewalls and monitoring systems
  • Telephone support
  • Coloured printing specialists
  • Efficiency is the name of the game – there are a multitude of ways your business can improve by implementing a modern, expertly-designed IT system to see our service offerings
Call us to go though what your set up should look like – purpose built software for accountants 020 8864 4444

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Are you making the best of your digital marketing? Do you have a solution for advertising your services with your telephony or e-mail. We have those solutions.

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Keep it Secure

In 2020 Cyber Security is on top of everyones mind, you need a strategy to keep the hackers and viruses out. We have that automated system & monitoring to let us know when it’s not right.  

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Best Practices

We work with our security partners to keep all system updated and installed with up to date Anti Virus Products to defend our clients system. 

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Yes – all hardware software & cloud solutions. We are Microsoft & Apple Partners so what ever you need we can provide. 

Yes, if you want to move e-mail and cloud sharing to the cloud we can do this for you.

Good up to date content from the source makes all the difference to the web site having value.

Yes we have commercial monitored AV installed on every PC/Mac/Server we maintain

Print no longer is part of a workflow, why would you print to file it ? Better to add this to a digital storage system when you and your team can find it.

Print is not dead, we still need to output this to some times when digital devices are not appropriate – less but not dead

No ! sometimes its cheaper more secure to have local storage. But you must have a backup. 

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Yes with our maintenance & support package all the devises are monitored and remotely controlled.

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