VoIP Telephone Systems Reduce Costs, Improve Time Management and Increase Productivity

Communication is more important than ever, businesses must be able to control costs, be flexible and quick, retain existing customers and successfully win new ones. Whilst it may seem odd that a mere telephone system can add all this, in reality, Ztech helps our business customers to do all this, and more!

Internet telephony does more than increase savings by lowering costs. It also enables the user to integrate software programs, such as e-mail, e-fax, and remote conferencing over the Internet via the telephone. In other words, a VoIP user can speak to somebody over the phone while accessing other applications, including the Internet simultaneously. VoIP users can take their adapters anywhere, making it possible to hold telephone conversations at venues that offer an Internet connection. An increase in mobility assists individuals who are always on the move, especially corporate employees who are required to travel. Long-distance VoIP calls are also relatively cheaper than traditional cell phone calls.


Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology can increase the overall productivity of an organisation by allowing employees to multi-task without interruption. It also allows the organisation to allocate funds usually spent on traditional phone bills to other aspects of the business. VoIP also allows users to attach documents, conduct virtual meetings, and share data via video conferencing. VoIP technology has also enhanced voice clarity to make it indistinguishable from traditional telephony. Earlier VoIP versions produced distorted phone calls, lagging transmission, and dropped calls. The change in VoIP technology has made it more appealing to businesses and corporations who do not want to deal with previous bugs.

Our VoIP packages include a comprehensive management software package to give you full control over costs and usage with at-a-glance reporting, along with enterprise-level features and true real-time operator statistics.

Many of our customers have made huge reductions in their communications expenditure, saving on average around 70% on annual costs while enjoying their PBX system’s impressive features, including WebRTC video conferencing, Click2Call, and complete CRM or Outlook integration.

Speak to ZTech today to see how a robust IP PBX can increase your communication capabilities & make savings. 020 8864 4444

Telephone Switchover 2025

As Openreach expands the fibre optic rollout to businesses and homes we all need to move to voice-over IP telephones (VoIP)

So moving to a system that shares lines will make a considerable saving.

Also with the advantage of transferring calls to the end user rather than an extension. 3CX  offers Live Chat SMS & WhatsApp integration Online Web Meetings.

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Are you making the best of your digital marketing? Do you have a solution for advertising your services with your telephony or e-mail. We have those solutions.

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In 2020 Cyber Security is on top of everyones mind, you need a strategy to keep the hackers and viruses out. We have that automated system & monitoring to let us know when it’s not right.  

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We work with our security partners to keep all system updated and installed with up to date Anti Virus Products to defend our clients system. 

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Yes – all hardware software & cloud solutions. We are Microsoft & Apple Partners so what ever you need we can provide. 

Yes, if you want to move e-mail and cloud sharing to the cloud we can do this for you.

Good up to date content from the source makes all the difference to the web site having value.

Yes we have commercial monitored AV installed on every PC/Mac/Server we maintain

Print no longer is part of a workflow, why would you print to file it ? Better to add this to a digital storage system when you and your team can find it.

Print is not dead, we still need to output this to some times when digital devices are not appropriate – less but not dead

No ! sometimes its cheaper more secure to have local storage. But you must have a backup. 

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Yes with our maintenance & support package all the devises are monitored and remotely controlled.

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