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Cloud Servers

Making the move to the cloud is one of the greatest leaps in electronic communications your company will ever make. With the ability to instantly share documents and information, access shared resources and web-based applications, and retain instant access from any internet-enabled device, a strong cloud solution will truly revolutionise the way your business operates.

With ZTech’s impressive array of cloud-based apps from major providers such as Microsoft, Google, Apple, and Adobe, it is now easier for staff to be more productive more of the time. Workers can access collaborative applications from any internet-enabled mobile device, making this a perfect solution for staff who travel frequently and don’t always have access to a laptop or computer.

By giving your entire staff access to the same resources and software, you help keep everyone on the same page and massively reduce compatibility issues – which will help to further improve collaboration and increase productivity.

Cloud Backup

Instead of working in the cloud, you may have reasons to keep your data in-house. But then back up your data to the cloud to keep your organisation safe.

Private Cloud 

You don’t need to put your data in the cloud to make it available. You can make the same technology allow remote user’s reach your work site. 

Remote working is now easier to facilitate than ever. With improved internet speeds and the aforementioned cloud solutions allowing more effective off-site operation, remote working has never been more a realistic prospect for practically any business.

The facility to access files from any location and stay in contact with workmates and customers is a truly powerful proposition. Colleagues can collaborate on projects from home, on the road, or even from abroad – just as effectively as if they were in the same room.

ZTech can provide a fully-specified remote working solution to get your business working to a high standard. We source any hardware required, along with telephony, networking, and software packages, to enable your staff to work from any location – improving communications and making your company truly agile.

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