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If you add technology sometimes you have to rethink how thing are to be done!

There is not much point in replacing the tools without looking to see if you are using the best tools in the correct way. Many systems duplicate the way they were done in the past. Sage is a software copy of the three ledger book system, and the workflow is not changed from that workflow. But Xero/Zoho books/ stand the whole process on its head, and starts by importing a bank statement. New software – new faster better Workflow.

The same with documents, in the past we had a folder and put paper in those folders, now we have files and place the files in folders on a server or in the cloud. But there is a better way – a Document Management system.

At Ztech we have a document management system that we can customise to your needs. So why change? You can put in e-mail, scanned paper, and Microsoft Office files all in one place. Everything is the same across the organisation, all filing the same so information is accessible and searchable. Again new faster better Workflow.


8 Advantages of a Document Management System

The ability to easily and systematically store, archive and retrieve documents is essential to ensuring all employees are working with the most current information available and can work to prevent lost hours in productivity, trying to recover documents that have been poorly filed or haphazardly archived.

We’ve compiled a list of just some of the advantages a document management system can offer to any company looking to better organise their internal and external communications. All will lead to a better workflow for your organisation.

1. Centralised Information

The use of a document management system allows your company to ensure that all necessary documents are kept in one place. All employees know where to go to find the information they are looking for from the beginning and, with regular use, you’re not left stuck without necessary documents if an employee goes on vacation or leaves the organisation.

2. Simultaneous Updating

Keeping all necessary documents in one location ensures that documents can be simultaneously updated as changes occur. Simple and complex changes can be automatically reflected so you know that no matter who is accessing the data, it’s up to date and complete because it’s all in one place.

3. Security

Keeping sensitive information in a document management system helps to ensure that information is kept safe. Irreversible harm can come to a business if vital or otherwise sensitive data falls into the wrong hands. Document management solutions allow you to safeguard confidential business information through a variety of ways including the use of permission settings that only allow authorised users to access certain documents. These systems can also track who accesses these documents and when so that you’re always on top of who has what information.

4. Access Anytime, Anywhere

Certain document management systems allow for access no matter what device an individual is using and no matter where that individual is. This can be of particular importance for companies with a large, mobile client base that want frequent and immediate updates on their information. It’s also useful to companies that have a large workforce across the country or the globe, offering them access to data no matter what time zone they may find themselves in.

5. Organisation

It goes without saying that a document management system allows companies to manage and organise their data. The systems can be customised to aid in filtering information to make it easier to organise and locate. Built right, these systems are highly searchable and can be categorised and sub-categorised to help ensure that information is at your fingertips with a simple keyword search.

6. Efficiency

A recent report stated that, on average, employees spend 9.3 hours per week searching for information. That’s more than one full workday wasted searching for information before the work can begin. Document management systems are designed to prevent this searching by keeping a team organised and ensuring the information they are searching for can be found quickly and efficiently.

7. Collaboration

Document management systems are great sources for collaboration among colleagues. Whether it’s the creation of a new presentation or the editing of a current portfolio, these systems allow individuals to collaborate on work without the back and forth-associated with versioning via email. It also allows individuals that may be thousands of miles apart to collaborate seamlessly and simultaneously.

8. Archiving

The archiving of sensitive or compliance-related documents can be extremely costly. Having to store paper documents, provide proper security and efficiently archive the data in order to facilitate easy retrieval, can be prohibitive for many businesses. Having to reproduce documents because the originals are unavailable, lost or misfiled, is time-consuming and counterproductive. Selecting a document management system that allows for the electronic archiving of documents is a smart solution that prevents all of these issues. Authorised individuals can access documents immediately online and access information or resend any document to a client immediately.

As you can see, a document management system can offer a number of advantages to take your company’s internal and external communications and organisation to the next level. Offering fast, cost-effective solutions to your clients and a well-organised collaborative environment to your employees. O’Neil has a number of customisation solutions that can fit the needs of any company. 

M-FileseFile CabinetDocuwareTempafy – all for a new faster better Workflow.


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