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If you are looking for IT for small businesses then you will often be faced with the decision over significant capital investment in your hardware.

When cash flow is critical, why pay upwards of £5,000 for your dedicated server and licences when the cloud solution subscription from ZTech is a solution which not only offers you the latest in secure data storage and exchange, but is available from as little as £2.60 per month.

Our bespoke IT solutions are individually designed to meet the needs of your small business and to help you grow. At ZTech we ensure a smooth transition of service, and offer cross platform support for your Windows, Apple, Android or tablet. We also offer services outside traditional IT support such as telephone support and coloured printing to assist with diminishing further capital outlays that these may involve.

Crucially, we ensure that there is minimum disruption to your business, and every system critical to your customer satisfaction and profitability is kept performing at its optimum level. Our outside business hours maintenance service means that any issues that need to be rectified will not affect your daily working practices.

ZTech are committed to the success of your small business and realise that meeting your requirements with expert knowledge and outstanding customer service, is crucial to our partnership with you. We can provide all of your required services, meeting every need and your budget with the expert and rapid response from our professional and knowledgeable team who can offer:

  • Maintenance of your workstations and servers
  • 24/7 monitoring of your critical systems
  • Keep your systems clear from viruses & hackers
  • Complete system Installations
  • Remote support of operating systems & applications
  • Hardware & software advice & procurement
  • Project management to deploy new systems
  • Exchange e-mail and smart phone integration
  • Sage accounts and payroll installations and support
  • Installation of firewalls and monitoring systems
  • To see all our services.

In business efficiency is the name of the game – there are a multitude of ways your business can improve by implementing a modern, expertly-designed IT system. Here are a few ways the ZTech team can help:

Cloud Storage and Applications for Business

Cloud solutions can vastly improve the workflow of any business. By storing your files online, you place them at the fingertips of your workforce – no matter where they are!

Most cloud packages offer a unified software suite, ensuring all users can open and edit files – eliminating software compatibility issues and allowing for seamless collaboration. Based on a central online hub, cloud applications can be accessed from anywhere without the need for installation on individual machines – and most can be used on a range of mobile devices, allowing remote workers to complete tasks on the move.

As an added advantage, cloud solutions are environmentally sound thanks to their reduced use of infrastructure and hard copies – which benefits everyone!

As an extension of your cloud solution, ZTech also recommend that you consider a comprehensive online file storage system. Many of our customers have enjoyed massive benefits since they began using ur recommended systems for data archive and retrieval – we’ll investigate what it could do for your business!

Remote Working – Free Your Workforce

Many businesses have begun to embrace remote working and the freedoms it affords. The ability to give your off-site staff members continuous access to shared online resources can streamline your organisation’s workflow to an enormous degree. Your staff can become more agile – and provide a vastly improved service for your clients.

The ZTech team are well-versed in the supply of the cloud-based systems and internet-enabled devices your business will need in order to increase productivity and encourage a culture of collaborative workflow.

Whatever your remote working requirements may be, ZTech are able to provide the perfect solution.

Remote IT Support – We’ve Got Your Back

To ensure you get the best out of your workstations and servers, ZTech provide a range of leading-edge remote support solutions.

Our team uses a powerful remote monitoring and management application which gives us detailed visibility and insight into the day-to-day operation of your servers, workstations & other hardware. This lets us apply effective maintenance where needed and track any faults down to their root cause, so repairs can be carried out swiftly with downtime kept to an absolute minimum.

We can also troubleshoot issues on individual workstations using a remote desktop control app, which gives us instant access to any desktop with only a small download required from the user side. Most desktop issues can be fixed in minutes, so you can be back up and running in no time!

Effective Enterprise Software Solutions – for Business

A unified, company-wide software solution can be a key component in the smooth operation of any business. By using the same packages, you can maintain a singular approach to workflow, eliminate misunderstandings and compatibility issues, and promote collaboration between colleagues – all of which help your company to move forward in harmony.

We at ZTech are able to supply software solutions from major providers such as Microsoft, Google, Apple and Adobe. All work styles are accounted for, with desktop solutions for PC and Mac along with relevant apps for all major mobile devices, helping your staff be more productive for more of the time. 

Whatever size and shape your business takes, the ZTech team can source a perfect software solution to help you run more smoothly.

Hardware Solutions – for Ambitious Businesses

It’s crucial for any IT-savvy business to stay current with their hardware setup. Outdated equipment can have a detrimental effect on productivity and workflow – those slow startup times all add up to a lot of wasted hours!

After carrying out a full audit of your existing equipment, ZTech can supply you with an appropriate hardware solution for your business. Whether this includes servers, workstations, Macs, laptops or any aspect of infrastructure, ZTech will ensure your hardware solution fits your needs and helps your business run as smoothly as possible.

We are accredited suppliers of hardware from best-of-breed manufacturers including HP, Dell, Cisco, Apple, and D-Link. We can also offer excellent trade prices on most IT hardware to help keep your spend down.

We will, wherever possible, avoid replacing hardware and instead recommend upgrading your existing software, which will aid your overall performance and keep costs to a minimum!

We are experts with Virtualisation so you may need a lot less hardware than you might imagine. 

So if you’re looking to streamline your company’s workflow – speak to us today 020 8864 4444.

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Yes – all hardware software & cloud solutions. We are Microsoft & Apple Partners so what ever you need we can provide. 

Yes, if you want to move e-mail and cloud sharing to the cloud we can do this for you.

Good up to date content from the source makes all the difference to the web site having value.

Yes we have commercial monitored AV installed on every PC/Mac/Server we maintain

Print no longer is part of a workflow, why would you print to file it ? Better to add this to a digital storage system when you and your team can find it.

Print is not dead, we still need to output this to some times when digital devices are not appropriate – less but not dead

No ! sometimes its cheaper more secure to have local storage. But you must have a backup. 

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Yes with our maintenance & support package all the devises are monitored and remotely controlled.

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